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Summer Reading for Writers—
Books on Writing, My Personal Favorites

Copyright 2003 by Patricia Anderson



Writers write—that's the bottom line. But enhancing your knowledge and honing your skills through reading is also crucial to writing well. And what better time than summer to catch up on a good book or two about the art, craft, and challenge of writing?

Here—for your summer reading pleasure and enlightenment—is a short list of some of my favorite books about books and writing. Most are still in print, and all are available in any but the smallest of public libraries. So take your pick and settle in for a good read—in the back garden, on the deck, by the pool, on the porch, out in the woods, inside a gazebo, at the lake, on the front porch, in the garden swing, on a chaise longue, under a shade tree, over a cool drink, on a beach towel . . .

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