About Helping You Get Published freelance editing services

My editorial commitment . . .

I started Helping You Get Published because I saw a need. To achieve success in today's competitive book trade, emerging authors require professional editing, proofreading—and more. To attract a publisher or agent, or to be self-published successfully, authors must also understand how the market works and what agents, publishers, and readers want in a book.

My commitment is to do whatever I can to develop your writing and publication potential, by providing both high-quality professional editing and the market knowledge that all authors must consider when entering the book trade. Helping You Get Published Freelance Book Editing Services and free Writing and Publishing Resources bring you my experience as a book manuscript editor and author to help you write more effectively and get your book or ebook published in the way that best serves you.

About my author clients

Though I am based near Vancouver, Canada, not all my clients are local. Many reside across Canada and throughout the US. I have also had clients from Australia, New Zealand, Europe, Africa, India, and the Orient.

Approximately half the authors who come to me have been previously published. Whether published or not, most new clients are first-time book authors. By the time they approach me, some have a completed book-length first draft; others are seeking early direction for work-in-progress. I am happy to assist both published and unpublished authors, in a range of genres, with the challenging endeavor of writing and publishing or self-publishing a book.

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Book and ebook editing

For conventional publication and self-publishing . . .

I provide personalized freelance editing services, manuscript consulting, and author mentoring, all designed to advance your dream of seeing your work in print—whether you write fiction or nonfiction, for the mass market or for specialists. In the real world of book publishing, no one can guarantee you a qualified literary agent, mainstream publisher, or self-published best-seller. But I can improve your chances. Offering manuscript assessment, editing and proofreading for books and ebooks, book proposal preparation, and query letter writing—as well as book market research and assistance marketing your published book—I do my utmost to help you achieve your writing and publication goals.

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Writing and publishing resources for authors

On-site resources include articles and insider tips on writing for publication; links to websites of interest to authors; and how-to videos on writing, editing, and publishing. Get started with an overview of Helping You Get Published free resources for writers . . .

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