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Why use this approach to literary agents & traditional publishers?

A query letter is the crucial first step. Many agents and publishers say, "Query first." A well-conceived and flawlessly written query letter can lead to requests for a longer synopsis, sample chapters or, ideally, the full manuscript.

The challenge. Many authors find that producing a query letter that is both professional and effective is harder than writing the book itself. But what if you had authoritative guidance to enable you to write your own query efficiently and confidently?

About the Helping You Get Published express query letter editing service

Benefits. The special express service that I have developed provides you with an easy-to-follow template and explanatory notes enabling you to create a succinct and attention-getting query letter. When you feel that you have done what you can on your own, as part of the express service, I will edit and polish your draft letter to show to its best advantage.

Bonus. For a single one-time fee, in addition to the query letter template and editing service, you will also receive an information document, "Sources for Agents and Publishers," that I have prepared specially to help my clients get started on the querying process with maximum efficiency and knowledge about their options for finding agents and publishers.

Cost. The cost for the complete service, payable in advance, is $200.00 (which includes 5% GST if you are in Canada).

Turnaround time. Unlike manuscript editing and many other editorial services, which can take weeks, and often months, to complete, the turnaround time for the express query letter service can be 48 hours or even less.

How does this editorial service work?

As soon as I receive your payment of $200.00, I will send you, via email, the query letter template and notes, as well as the bonus document for sourcing agents and publishers. You may then work at your own pace. You only need hours, but if you wish to take days, or even weeks, you are free to do so. When you are happy with your draft query, send the file back to me. In 48 hours, or less, I will review and edit your letter to ensure the greatest possible readability, professionalism, and effectiveness.

How do I pay?

If you are in Canada and use online banking, the quickest payment method is via Interac Email Bank Transfer to (no password or security question needed).

If email transfer is not possible and/or you are outside of Canada, please mail a personal check, money order, or bank draft, payable to Patricia Anderson. Note: Please contact me via email for the postal address. Payment may be made in US or Canadian dollars.

Does the express query letter editing service guarantee traditional publication?

No. In today's competitive book trade there can be no guarantee that you will achieve your publication goals. But a professional, persuasive query will significantly enhance your odds of being taken seriously and getting the people who count to read at least a part of your manuscript. And that will take you over the first hurdle on the track to traditional publication.

Be aware, however, that if your manuscript is underdeveloped, poorly crafted, and riddled with errors, you will not make it over the next hurdle. Do not, therefore, rush to submit your manuscript without first polishing it to meet the market standard. If you need assistance, seek professional editorial services.

What if I am torn between seeking traditional publication or just going ahead and self-publishing?

The express query letter service is an effective means of determining the best publishing option for you. Use it to test the traditional book market—and to help identify the publication route with which you will ultimately be most satisfied.

What if I still have questions?

Email your questions . . . and you will receive a reply that addresses your particular book and publication goals.

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