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Mackay's Point
Mitch Cappelmann
Mackay's Point

Happy Dog Days
Jasmine Sieber-Koller
Happy Dog Days

Recently Published

Seeking Solitude and Terrifying Freedom
Dale Innes
Seeking Solitude

Linda Anne Smith
Terrifying Freedom


Debut novels by E. J. Bancesco and Eliana Tobias.

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Tami A. Reeves Bleeding Hearts:
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Whether your goal is commercially successful self-publishing or agent representation and traditional publication, working with Vancouver book editor, author, and literary consultant Patricia Anderson, PhD, can further your writing and publication goals.
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Editor Patricia Anderson on FacebookAs part of my larger effort to provide authors with information about the writing profession, editorial practices, and the book trade, I am an occasional participant in some of the popular social media, including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and two blogs devoted to writing, editing, and publishing topics.

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