In a perfect writer’s world, my toolbar would have a Patricia icon right alongside the Spell-Check icon.
[NATURAL HARMONY]—Gail Albrechtson, author of Natural Harmony: Jade's Story


Thank you, Patricia, for the fine editing of The Novel World of Angela Crown; it added a great deal to the quality of my novel.
[NATURAL HARMONY]—Sala Deib, author of The Novel World of Angela Crown


I made a wise decision to go with you...You immediately validated my ability and gave credence to my voice. Not only that, but you literally catapulted my manuscript from the mass of languishing manuscripts in the slush pile and brought it to none other than HarperCollins. That's quite a coup...I was almost certain writing this book had been a big mistake. But you proved me wrong. I am forever grateful you did.
[THE HAVEN] —Richard Dube, author of The Haven



Thank you, Patricia, for your insightful editing, and your support and encouragement during the difficult moments along the path to being in print--you really did help us get published!
[HOW TO LEAD]—Ian Johnson, Ph.D., Karen Scraba, and Christine DeGrow, authors of How to Lead and Still Have a Life!


I will not hesitate to recommend your service to anyone in need of outstanding professional editing work.
[THE BLESSING FLOOD]—F. A. Paniagua, Ph.D., author of The Blessing Flood and Other Tales


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